10:15 pm
Thu January 15, 2015

Bridgeport Officer Acquitted Of Federal Civil Rights Violation In Videotaped Beating

A still from the Youtube video uploaded in 2013, two years after the incident.
Credit Youtube

A federal jury in Bridgeport has acquitted Bridgeport Police Sergeant Clive Higgins in the 2011 beating of Orlando Lopez-Soto in Beardsley Park.

The event was captured in an amateur video recorded by a bystander and uploaded to YouTube two years after it happened. The video shows Lopez-Soto fall to the ground face-down in a grassy area, after he was hit with a stun gun. Two policemen run up to him; one starts kicking and stomping him. Then another police car pulls up, and a third officer gets out. That officer is Clive Higgins.

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Crime Victims Rights
10:54 am
Thu December 18, 2014

Conn. Panel Wants Timely Court Notifications For Crime Victims

James Clark, Executive Director of Victims' Rights Center of Connecticut, at the Victims' Rights Enforcement Advisory Commission meeting at the state Legislative Office Building in Hartford on Wednesday Dec. 17, 2014.
Credit CT-N Connecticut Network

A Connecticut victim’s rights commission wants state legislators to pass a law that gives crime victims the right to be informed about details of court proceedings.

The Victims' Rights Enforcement Advisory Commission agreed to the recommendation on Wednesday.

The new law was recommended by James Clark, the executive director of the Victims' Rights Center of Connecticut. The new law is needed because prosecutors often fail to notify crime victims about court proceedings in a timely manner, preventing them from exercising their right to attend court proceedings, he said.

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Ghoulish discovery on eve of Halloween
3:22 pm
Fri October 31, 2014

Human Skulls Discovered In Garbage With Witchcraft Books & Videos In Stamford

Two skulls were found at the Stamford transfer station Thursday, along with books and videos on witchcraft and devil worship
Credit Stamford Police


Police in Stamford say they believe two human skulls that were found Thursday at a garbage transfer station in the city were likely purchased from a catalog.

Stamford police traced the skulls back to a home in Fairfield, and interviewed the elderly father of a man who had the skulls until he passed away recently. Lieutenant Diedrich Hohn of the Stamford Police says the father described his son as mentally ill. He said his son was a fan of the occult, Satan and witchcraft.  Hohn says police found a catalog advertising human skulls for sale.

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Two stabbed & one shot passenger in good condition
10:19 am
Wed October 15, 2014

Stabbing attack on casino bus; Suspect killed by Conn. trooper

A Connecticut state trooper shot and killed a man who was stabbing passengers on a tour bus headed to one of the state’s casinos Tuesday night.  State Police Lieutenant Paul Vance says passengers called 911 from the bus around 10 p.m. The bus was on Interstate 95 in Norwalk.

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Church says standard of treatment was different
5:55 pm
Tue September 23, 2014

Conn. Supreme Court hears appeal from Hartford Diocese on pedophile priest case

Attorney Hugh Hughes, representing the plaintiff, Jacob Doe, in Connecticut Supreme Court on Tuesday.
Credit CT-N

The Connecticut Supreme Court heard arguments this week about a priest who was known to be a pedophile when he was appointed to be the director of a Hartford grade school. The Hartford Archdiocese is appealing a million-dollar verdict that was awarded to a man who says he was abused by that priest as a student in the 1980s.

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