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Mark Lennihan / AP

Actor Cynthia Nixon, who is running for governor in a Democratic primary against incumbent Andrew Cuomo, released her tax filings on Friday.  She and her spouse earned $1.9 million last year, and paid nearly $200,000 in taxes.  

State of Connecticut Judicial Branch

Richard Robinson has become the first African-American chief justice of Connecticut. The 60-year-old associate justice of the State Supreme Court was unanimously confirmed by the State Senate, 36-0, on Thursday. He was confirmed by the House on Monday.

Robinson, a Stratford resident, who has served on the Connecticut bench for the past 18 years, received praise from both sides of the aisle. State Senate Republican President Len Fasano says he was impressed by Robinson’s judicial philosophy that the courts should treat everyone fairly.

Office of Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro

Marc Molinaro, the presumptive Republican candidate for governor, released his tax returns for 2017, but his opponent, incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo, raised the stakes, saying his GOP challenger should release 10 years of tax returns. Meanwhile, a third candidate for Governor, Cynthia Nixon, has filed an extension and has not made any info available yet.

Johnathon Henninger

On Wednesday, Republican lawmakers in the Connecticut General Assembly released their plan for adjustments to the State’s two-year budget they passed last year.

Jessica Hill / AP

The Republican President of the Connecticut Senate broke with the majority of his caucus on Tuesday and voted with Democrats to approve several of Governor Dannel Malloy’s new Superior Court judge nominees.