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Tomorrow the Connecticut General Assembly will begin the 2016 legislative session. Lawmakers are facing some tough issues this year. The state budget has a big gap that needs to be closed. There’s the lockbox to protect funding for transportation projects. And GE is taking its headquarters out of Fairfield and relocating to Boston which will be a big hit to the state’s coffers. Susan Haigh, Capitol reporter for the Associated Press, joins us from the AP offices in Hartford to give us a preview of some of the top issues lawmakers will take on this year. 

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Governor Andrew Cuomo and Vice President Joe Biden headlines a pep rally to pass paid family leave in New York, but some question whether the governor’s plan is enough.

Cuomo gathered together the same union coalition who have joined him to back the $15 an hour minimum wage effort in the campaign-style rally for his newest cause.

“Now is the time to pass paid family leave,” Cuomo told the cheering crowd.

The governor once again invited Biden, who said family leave only works if it’s subsidized.

Some Lobbyists, as well as government reform groups, say a new rule approved by New York State’s ethics commission that would require them to report contact with the news media in some cases, violates first amendment rights and would have chilling effect. 

The proposal, by the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, would require public relations consultants to file periodic reports with the commission, detailing their calls to the news media, if the purpose of the call is to promote an issue or point of view from a paid client. 

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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy said he’ll propose criminal justice reforms for the state’s legislative session that starts next week.

Malloy announced two proposals he wants state lawmakers to consider in the upcoming session. One of them would make Connecticut the first state in the nation to try 18- through 20-year-olds as juveniles, instead of adults. That’s something he first suggested in November.

The city of Bridgeport, Connecticut said it will make its financial information available to the public through a new website. The site, scheduled to be launched in the spring, will carry real-time information on the city’s revenue and its expenses.