Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving

Securing the independence and financial security of public radio into the future is a top priority for so many donors whose lives have been enriched by this valuable genre.

Legacy giving encourages public radio stations and their donors to think big, to pilot new projects and to plan for future decades, not just for the next pledge drive. Members, listeners and donors find that legacy giving is the next step in their lifelong support of this important journalism, culture and media resource to their regions and communities.

Did you know that legacy gifts can protect your assets, provide for your family and guarantee you income for life? Did you know that you can contribute assets like securities, business interests, royalties and even an unwanted vehicle? Legacy giving offers significant tax advantages and enables gifts with strong impact, including the endowment of an annual gift or a beloved program in perpetuity. You can make a gift that costs nothing during your lifetime while securing all of these valuable benefits.

Throughout WSHU's Connecticut and New York listening area, more donors every day are designating the station in their estate plans and giving toward the station's long term support.

What's the best match for your family's goals? Our staff stands ready to work with you and your advisors to explore how Legacy Giving can support all of your financial and philanthropic goals.

To explore Legacy Giving options on a confidential basis, email Elizabeth Lew or call 203-371-1258.

How You Can Make Legacy Gifts

How can I give through my will or trust?

It's easy to include WSHU in your will or trust. You may designate a gift of a specific amount, or you may designate a percentage of your assets after all other heirs and obligations have been met. Typical language for such a designation would be, I give _____ percent (___%) of my estate [OR $______(specific dollar amount)] to the Trustees of Sacred Heart University tax ID 06-0776644., of Fairfield, Connecticut. This gift shall be restricted to WSHU Public Radio to support its ongoing operations.

If you choose to restrict this gift for a specific use (news and information programming, music programming, etc.), you would add wording like the following, "This gift is to be used for[purpose here] or for future programming that is closest to my original intent."

How can I give assets or property?

Many donors are pleased to learn that a wide variety of non-cash donations can enable them to make a meaningful gift to public radio at no cost to them and with very simple processing. Some typical types of gifts include:

  • Appreciated securities
  • Business interests and partnerships
  • Intellectual property and royalties
  • Art and collectibles
  • Retirement plan assets and IRAs
  • Life insurance policies
  • Real estate, including options for your lifetime occupancy of real estate that you donate
  • Vehicles

How can I make a gift that pays me guaranteed annual income?

Charitable gift annuities pay a guaranteed rate of annual income to you (and if wished to one or even two additional beneficiaries) every year for the rest of your life, no matter what market conditions prevail. Older donors receive the highest income from these vehicles, which also offer significant tax advantages. Younger donors may also give now and defer income payouts until later in life, enjoying tax advantages at the time the gift is made. Other trust and annuity options might meet your specific needs, and we encourage exploring these on a confidential basis with our staff and your advisors.

How can I endow my annual gift or specific programs?

A one-time gift of around $30,000 can endow your annual gift of $1,000 in perpetuity, a concept that many donors find appealing. Using the same multiplier, you can endow your gift to the station forever, creating a permanent annual income stream and guaranteeing regional delivery of news and cultural services into the future. In addition, many stations are raising specific endowments to replace public funding of specific program areas that are at risk over the long term. Explore this option by emailing Elizabeth Lew or by calling her at 203-371-1258.

Where You Can Make Legacy Gifts - The WSHU Foundation

The Friends of WSHU Public Radio is an independent 501c3 nonprofit created to support the mission and services of WSHU Public Radio Group in Connecticut and New York. Led by volunteer members of the listener community, this Foundation will oversee some of the station's permanent assets and will work with donors who wish to give toward the long term service and sustainability of public radio in Connecticut and New York. To explore giving to the Foundation, email Elizabeth Lew or call 203-371-1258.

Your Community Foundation

WSHU has a strong working relationship with the many community foundations in Connecticut and New York. Your Community foundation exists to work with you in stewarding your gift of assets, restricting the support that you intend to the WSHU Public Radio Group and its important work in Connecticut and New York.

Sacred Heart University

As the holder of WSHU's radio license and steward of its mission and facilities, the University stands ready to work with donors who wish to make gifts restricted all or in part to the support of WSHU Public Radio Group. To explore giving to the University in support of WSHU, email Elizabeth Lew at 203-371-1258.

Sacred Heart University Federal Identification Number 06-0776644