Beyond #MeToo

Jan 20, 2018

Sexual harassment and gender discrimination have been met with a grassroots response in the #MeToo moment. In this climate, WNYC is producing Beyond #MeToo, four one-hour conversations focused on what we need to do as a society to remedy widespread sexual harassment.

WSHU will be airing this live special series, January 22-25, 8-9 p.m. on 89.9 WSUF, 103.3 WQQQ, 1340 WYBC, 1260 WSHU and via streaming.

Ted S. Warren / AP

Governor Cuomo is proposing an increase in school aid of over three-quarters of a billion dollars, or around three percent from last year, but some say that’s not enough to meet school districts’ rising costs.

Seven The Days Long Gone is set on a post-apocalyptic prison island, where scavenging and stealth are the main ways to stay alive. As bleak as the game world is, composer Marcin Przybylowicz felt strongly that music should be an integral part of the experience because, as he says, "music is part of our humanity."

Connecticut Juvenile Justice Committee Votes For Reforms

Jan 18, 2018

Connecticut lawmakers, advocates and representatives from the corrections system voted on Thursday to approve a plan that would reform the state’s juvenile justice system.

Nick Ut / AP

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy says the State Supreme Court decision on the state’s landmark education funding case should not stop policymakers from continuing to look for ways to close the achievement gap.