A Connecticut board is set to begin new parole hearings for juvenile offenders who were sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

Nuclear Plant Subsidies Anger Clean Energy Advocates

15 hours ago

Clean energy activists in New York say the state should not subsidize the nuclear energy industry. 

The activists spoke at a Public Service Commission hearing last week on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed energy plan. The goal is to have New York generate half of its energy from renewable sources, like wind and solar power, by 2030.

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On December 7, 1941, the battleship USS Oklahoma capsized during the attack on Pearl Harbor. A total of 429 officers and sailors were killed or declared missing.


Republican lawmakers are questioning why a Connecticut commission voted to give millions of dollars to the world’s largest hedge fund, when state programs that serve vulnerable residents are being cut to bridge a state budget gap.

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The state Legislature ends its session for the year on June 16, and expectations are low for any major pieces of legislation to be resolved before the adjournment, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration faces increasing scrutiny from the U.S. attorney over economic development projects.