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Connecticut’s largest city is considering whether to declare support for its undocumented residents – without adopting the term ‘sanctuary city.’ It’s a controversial term for some in Bridgeport politics, including Mayor Joe Ganim.

AG Sessions Vows To Demolish MS-13 Gang On Long Island

Apr 28, 2017
Jessica Opatich / WSHU

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was on Long Island Friday to discuss the Justice Department’s response to recent murders by the violent MS-13 gang.

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Republicans in the Connecticut House and Senate have presented their budget proposal. They say it would cut spending in Governor Dannel Malloy’s proposed budget by $300 million.

WATCH: Syrian Refugee Family Reunites In Connecticut

Apr 27, 2017

Read more about the Kassar Family and their journey.

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Connecticut motorists may soon have to pay tolls again on state highways. That’s because some state lawmakers are looking for new streams of money to fix Connecticut’s budget. Other lawmakers oppose this move. They call it a money grab. They promise to block any legislation promoting tolls.