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Connecticut plans to monitor mosquitoes for the Zika virus this summer.

Dr.Theodore Andreadis, Executive Director of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, said the species of mosquito that has been largely responsible for spreading the virus in the Caribbean and South and Central America has not been found in Connecticut.  He said another species of mosquito in the state, the Asian tiger mosquito, has also been shown to transmit the Zika virus.

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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy introduced a bill on Tuesday that he said will reduce wait times at the Department of Motor Vehicles.     

One big change the bill would make is to end the ban on registering vehicles that have outstanding property taxes or unpaid parking tickets.

The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund said it has offered financial support to nearly 6,000 victims’ families and first responders who became sick because of 9/11 in the past year.

An annual report released by the VCF Tuesday says that’s nearly triple the number of payments the fund awarded the year before.

Zeldin To Introduce Legislation To Help Vets With PTSD

Feb 9, 2016
Charles Lane

Long Island Congressman Lee Zeldin is introducing legislation that would create nationwide “peer to peer” counseling for veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It’s based on a program he helped create while in the New York State Senate that’s already up and running.

Zeldin said the program in New York has helped more than 1,500 veterans struggling with PTSD.

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In 2014, the state of Connecticut quarantined nine residents due to fears of Ebola. They’d just come back from Liberia, one of the countries at the center of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, but they didn’t have Ebola. Eight of the nine are now suing the state in a lawsuit filed by students at Yale Law School.