(Connecticut Department of Transportation via AP)

Authorities said a charter bus that crashed on Interstate 95 during a snowstorm was on its way to a Connecticut casino with passengers from New York City.

Mohegan Sun spokesman Cody Chapman said this afternoon that other buses headed for the casino were rerouted back to New York City until weather conditions improve.

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U.S. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut said he’ll propose a bill that would pay to remove lead from homes and businesses.

Murphy says a tax credit would lower the chances of lead poisoning in Connecticut. In the northeast, lead was commonly used in for paint and pipes in houses built before 1950. The Connecticut Department of Public Health says about 15 percent of buildings in the state might still have lead in their paint or pipes.

Freeport, NY License Plate Readers Catch Criminals

Feb 8, 2016
(AP Photo/Michael Balsamo)

Freeport, N.Y., is sending a message to criminals coming into the village: enter at your own risk. The village’s mayor said that’s because of the success of its newly installed license plate reading system.

Mayor Robert Kennedy calls it a fiber-optic ring around the village. The village’s License Plate Reading system has resulted in the recovery of 16 stolen vehicles, 2,000-plus summonses, and 25 arrests over the last three months.

"One of the people that came into the Village of Freeport, with a stolen vehicle, was wanted for murder in Virginia," he said.

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Union leaders in Connecticut say they're concerned that lawmakers are looking first to state employees for savings in Governor Dannel Malloy’s proposed budget.

Lori Pelletier, President of the Connecticut AFL-CIO, said state lawmakers should consider other parts of the budget before they start cutting state jobs.

“We need to look at how many contractors does the state of Connecticut have that are duplicating the services that state employees do already,” she said. “These are the things we need to look at before we start laying off.”

A Connecticut town is considering a program that trains teachers to use guns in the event of an active shooter, and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has come down hard on the idea.

Kent selectmen voted 2-1 on Wednesday to present information about the "FASTER Saves Lives" program to the Board of Education. The board will ultimately decide whether to implement the program at the pre-K through eighth-grade Kent Center School.