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The way that some American workers are paid has been a front-burner issue recently, with overtime and on-call scheduling both causing some controversy.

In September, the U.S. Department of Labor said it might change the rules about who qualifies for overtime pay. And retailers that give employees unpredictable, on-call work schedules have been served notice in New York and elsewhere that this might be in violation of some laws.

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Michelle Obama was in Groton, Connecticut this weekend. She christened a nuclear-powered submarine built at the General Dynamics Electric Boat factory. The submarine’s called the U.S.S. Illinois. It shares a name with Obama’s home state.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been speaking out about the need for national gun control laws in recent days, but he said he doesn’t know when a key provision of New York’s own gun safety laws will be enacted.

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The Suffolk County Legislature has voted unanimously to hire attorneys and sue drug companies that make opioid-based painkillers.

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Taking out a student loan was supposed to be a good investment in your future, but now that loan has turned into a long term debt.

Today, more and more Americans over 40 are still paying back their student loans. Their numbers have gone up significantly in the past 10 years.