One of our first stops when we arrive back in the United States is always the local pharmacy. We want to be prepared for anything. We have been in France, which is rich in pharmacies of a sort. There are some 22,000 of them, each one marked with an illuminated green sign, and they have a virtual monopoly on the sale of medicines, all the way down to aspirin. If you are familiar with American pharmacies, the French version looks and feels like an entirely different kind of business.

Geothermal Advocates Pressuring Gov. Cuomo For Tax Credits

3 hours ago
Chris Caya / WBFO

Legislation to make one clean energy source more affordable in New York appears to be stuck on Governor Andrew Cuomo's desk. But advocates of geothermal heating and cooling want Cuomo to sign the bill.

Supporters point out that geothermal reduces greenhouse gases by using the earth to heat and cool buildings. They are questioning Governor Cuomo's commitment to the environment as he continues to delay approval of a package of tax credits. 

Neuroendocrine Cancer Fundraiser Held On L.I.

23 hours ago
Maryann Wahmann / Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Network

Survivors of a rare form of cancer are looking to raise awareness in their fight against the disease. The group held a fundraiser at a North Fork vineyard over the weekend for neuroendocrine cancer.

Schumer Urges Cell Providers To Fix L.I. 'Dead Zones'

Aug 26, 2016
Carl Lender / Flickr

U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., wants the major cell phone carriers to fix over 200 “dead zones” in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

David Karp / AP

After 10 years of hiding and running from the government, Long Island businessman Jacob Alexander pled guilty to securities fraud in federal court this week. The case has spawned a new type of fear of financial crimes.