A new annual report required by state lawmakers shows there were 85 sexual assault complaints from members of the UConn community in 2014, and seven students expelled for committing sexual assault.

Karen DeWitt

A New York comedian who is also an activist on prison rights issues is drawing attention to the state’s practice of investing a small amount of its pension fund in the private prison industry.

Davis Dunavin

Bill Finch says he’s ending his campaign for re-election in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Finch is the current mayor, and was the Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate heading into the party’s Sept. 16 primary. He lost that primary to former mayor and convicted felon Joe Ganim.

Charles Lane

Plum Island’s past as a secret military base has been the subject of a number of conspiracy theories after years. Even though the lab will be moving to Kansas sometime around 2020, officials continue to do community outreach tours in an effort to improve the island’s image.

The outward face of the tours is Plum Island’s public affairs officer, Jason Golden.

Golden said he gives tours a lot, about once a week during the summertime. It’s part of a conscious effort to show the local community Plum Island is, in Golden’s words, “secure, but not secret.”

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This year’s local elections in Connecticut are anything but dull. The primaries held earlier this month saw three incumbent Democratic mayors lose to their challengers.

New London Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio conceded to his challenger Mike Passero for the Democratic nomination.

In Hartford, Mayor Pedro Segarra packed in his re-election campaign and called on his supporters to back rival Luke Bronin.

And then there’s Bridgeport.

Mayor Bill Finch lost the Democratic nomination to former Bridgeport mayor and ex-convict Joe Ganim. But Finch is not giving up.