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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy delivered his State of the State address today to the General Assembly on its first day of the new legislative session.

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Update: 2:15 p.m.:

Democratic and Republican legislators are voicing concerns over Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's proposal for across-the-board cuts to state agencies and giving agency heads more latitude in deciding where to reduce spending.

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Connecticut Comptroller Kevin Lembo is projecting a $7 million deficit in the state’s 2-year, $20 billion budget when the current fiscal year ends in June.

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The State Assembly approved a one-house bill to establish partial paid family leave in New York, as Governor Andrew Cuomo signaled he will amend his proposal to provide more money to those who take the leave.

Advocates of paid family leave, who  have been lobbying on the issue for years, say movement on the matter from the assembly Democrats and Cuomo has given them new hope. Donna Dolan leads a coalition.

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Tomorrow the Connecticut General Assembly will begin the 2016 legislative session. Lawmakers are facing some tough issues this year. The state budget has a big gap that needs to be closed. There’s the lockbox to protect funding for transportation projects. And GE is taking its headquarters out of Fairfield and relocating to Boston which will be a big hit to the state’s coffers. Susan Haigh, Capitol reporter for the Associated Press, joins us from the AP offices in Hartford to give us a preview of some of the top issues lawmakers will take on this year.