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A Connecticut coalition wants the State Legislature to stop counting prisoners as residents of the towns in which they are incarcerated. State Senator Eric Coleman (D-Bloomfield), co-chair of the legislature’s judiciary committee, was joined by civil rights and legal activists at the state Capitol in Hartford on Wednesday to call for legislation that would stop the practice of what they call prison gerrymandering.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration has released a report that it says shows the benefits of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next few years. Business groups charge the study is biased. 

Cuomo has been pushing hard for a phased in $15 an hour minimum wage, putting the proposal into his state budget and campaigning for the measure with Vice President Joe Biden. 

“Every working man and woman in the state of New York deserves $15 an hour as a minimum wage,” Cuomo shouted at rally last fall. 

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Local governments and schools in New York State say they are struggling over a property tax cap that will allow what amounts to a zero percent increase in tax levies in the coming year, but Governor Andrew Cuomo said they’ll likely have to stick with those rules.

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Connecticut plans to monitor mosquitoes for the Zika virus this summer.

Dr.Theodore Andreadis, Executive Director of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, said the species of mosquito that has been largely responsible for spreading the virus in the Caribbean and South and Central America has not been found in Connecticut.  He said another species of mosquito in the state, the Asian tiger mosquito, has also been shown to transmit the Zika virus.

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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy introduced a bill on Tuesday that he said will reduce wait times at the Department of Motor Vehicles.     

One big change the bill would make is to end the ban on registering vehicles that have outstanding property taxes or unpaid parking tickets.