The National Transportation Safety Board has issued a preliminary accident report on a fatal plane crash on Long Island earlier this month.

The pilot was Joseph Milo, 59, of Westhampton Beach. Milo was killed when his single-engine aircraft crashed into a Long Island Rail Road crossing in Hicksville. A passenger was seriously injured.

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Connecticut Comptroller Kevin Lembo said a state crackdown on unproven compound drugs has saved the state about $2 million a month on prescription medications since May.

Compound drugs are mixtures of different medicines created by a pharmacist. They can be made for legitimate reasons, like if a child has difficulty swallowing and needs a pill turned into a liquid form.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he doubts that there will be federal sanctions for schools that have high rates of students who boycotted standardized tests this spring.

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The state of Connecticut is selling official flagship, a replica of La Amistad.  The original Amistad was a Spanish slave ship. In 1839, it was carrying 53 African captives from Havana, Cuba to a Cuban sugar plantation to be sold into slavery.

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Connecticut lawmakers called a hearing Friday to ask the Department of Children and Families how the state’s two secure juvenile detention facilities, the Connecticut Juvenile Training School for Boys (CJTS) and the Pueblo Unit for girls, are changing.