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It is still against the law in New York for stores to add “surcharges” to customers. But it is not a crime to offer a “discount” to cash customers.

The arcane semantic game played out in federal court this week. Consumer advocates say the ruling means poor customers are subsidizing rich customers.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he’s already making preparations, in case Hurricane Joaquin hits New York full force in the coming days.

Cuomo says he’s staffing up emergency operations centers, notifying National Guard offices that they might have to be deployed, and having work crews clear any trouble spots known to be prone to flooding, even though the track of the storm is still somewhat uncertain.

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The James Zadroga 9/11 Health Compensation Act, a law that provides medical monitoring and treatment for Sept. 11 first responders, expired midnight Thursday because Congress didn't act.

A new annual report required by state lawmakers shows there were 85 sexual assault complaints from members of the UConn community in 2014, and seven students expelled for committing sexual assault.

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A New York comedian who is also an activist on prison rights issues is drawing attention to the state’s practice of investing a small amount of its pension fund in the private prison industry.