Weingarten praises New Haven school reforms
11:04 am
Mon September 8, 2014

National teachers' union president calls New Haven a national model

AFT President Randi Weingarten helps a kindergartner at the Fair Haven School in New Haven on Friday
Credit Craig LeMoult

The head of the nation’s second largest teachers’ union was in New Haven, Conn., recently. The city’s schools are being held up as a national model for education reform.

A classroom of kindergartners called out "good afternoon!" in unison to greet Randi Weingarten on Friday. She’s the president of the American Federation of Teachers, which boasts 1.6 million members nationally. 

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Blumenthal & Yale law clinic pressed for policy
8:50 am
Sat September 6, 2014

Vietnam vets with PTSD to get less-than-honorable discharges reconsidered

Vietnam veteran Conley Monk (left) and U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal in West Haven on Friday
Credit Craig LeMoult

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut is applauding a new policy announced this week by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel regarding less-than-honorable discharges of Vietnam veterans who were later diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

In a memo released earlier this week, Hagel pledged that the military will carefully review each petition for a change in discharge status based on a PTSD diagnosis.

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Consumer advocates expected worse
11:34 am
Fri September 5, 2014

NY health premiums to rise $1 billion

Benjamin Lawsky, superintendent of the New York State Department of Financial Services, gave insurance companies half of what they asked for.
Credit AP/Mike Groll

New York is allowing health insurance companies to raise premiums an average of 5.7 percent for individuals, and 6.7 percent for small groups. This is, however, roughly half of what insurance companies claimed was the cost of providing health care.

Insurance companies participating in the state's health exchange asked regulators for an average increase of around 13 percent over last year.

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Elephant in the Room Boxing Club
5:47 pm
Thu September 4, 2014

New Haven boxing gym trains kids, in an effort to keep violence in the ring

Young boxers in the ring at Elephant in the Room Boxing Club in New Haven (CLICK PHOTO FOR SLIDESHOW)
Craig LeMoult

Life in some low-income neighborhoods is often hard and sometimes violent. One woman in New Haven is trying to prevent violence on the streets, by containing that aggression in a boxing ring.

“Ropes up! 100 revolutions! Lets go!”

Devonne Canady barks orders at about a dozen kids, who spin jumpropes around them while standing on wooden pallets in the parking lot of a boxing gym.

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Delays mean more restrictive jail settings
10:42 am
Thu September 4, 2014

Yale report and U.S. Senators criticize Danbury prison renovation delays

This aerial view shows the Danbury Conn. Federal Correctional Institute, Thursday Sept. 23, 2004. There are 2 sections shown, on the top section of the frame is called the "Inside" prison for hardened prisoners, and at lower section is called the "Camp" for lower risk prisoners.
Credit AP Photo/Douglas Healey

A new report says a delay in renovations at a federal prison in Connecticut may be affecting the welfare of some women prisoners. U.S. Senators from Connecticut and New York are calling on federal officials to speed things up.

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