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About 100 people gathered in Riverhead on Wednesday to sign a petition against a proposed luxury golf course development on the East End of Long Island.

'Yankee Republicans' Represent At The Convention

Jul 21, 2016
John Locher / AP

Donald Trump takes the stage on Thursday night in Cleveland to formally accept the Republican Party’s nomination for president. Scattered across the convention hall floor, delegates from around New England will cheer in support of a candidate who’s run largely on an anti-establishment platform.

Many of these same New England delegates at the GOP convention fit the description of political moderates, long known as “Yankee Republicans.”

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New York’s delegation to the Republican National Convention is in the national spotlight for casting the votes to put Donald Trump over the top for the Presidential nomination in Cleveland this week, but not all of the state’s politicians are in agreement over some of Trump’s most controversial foreign policies.

Chris Healy, former chair of the Connecticut GOP, is pleasantly surprised that the state’s delegation has front row seats at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Healy is an alternate delegate at the convention. He says Connecticut Republicans didn’t overwhelmingly vote for Donald Trump in the state’s April 26th primary, so he can’t quite figure out how the state got such good seats in front of the main podium.

Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has created a permanent task force to protect exploited immigrant workers.

Cuomo says in the past year the state has ordered over 1,500 businesses to repay nearly $4 million to 7,500 workers who were cheated out of their pay. The new task force will make permanent and combine two existing task forces made up of labor and business leaders.