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Students at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven held a watch party last night as the Connecticut Primary results came in.  

The Associated Press called the Republican race for Trump shortly after polls closed. Katherine Krajcik is co-chair of the College Republicans on campus. She says she sees why Trump has appeal in Connecticut.

“He’s not an actual politician. He can’t be bought.

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The Republican and Democratic frontrunners won Tuesday’s Connecticut primaries. Republican Donald Trump handily defeated his rivals John Kasich and Ted Cruz, while Democrat Hillary Clinton beat back a spirited challenge from Bernie Sanders.

Quinnipiac University Political Science Professor Scott McLean says Clinton should thank voters in Connecticut’s largest cities for her victory.

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Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill’s office says members of the public have been asking about the “uncommitted” line on Tuesday's presidential primary ballot.

Merrill says the ballot line allows eligible voters to ask Connecticut delegates to decide for them at the Democratic and Republican Party conventions.

“It’s interesting because that ‘Uncommitted’ line has always been there, but it has never attracted any interest from anyone except this year. 

N.Y. AG: Online Voter Registration Is Legal

Apr 26, 2016
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New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says he believes online voter registration is allowed under state election law. The opinion is in response to a request for guidance from Suffolk County.

The question posed by Suffolk in February was whether an “electronic signature” can be considered binding under state law. 

Connecticut Primary Voters Make Their Voices Heard

Apr 26, 2016
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Republican and Democratic voters are casting their vote in the presidential primary elections  in Connecticut, which is unaccustomed to having its primary carry much weight. State election officials hope voter turnout will be high, given a surge in voter registration.