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Home values on Long Island saw the biggest rise last month in over 10 years.

State of Connecticut Judicial Branch

Richard Robinson, the first African-American chief justice of Connecticut, is to be sworn in Monday at a ceremony at the state Supreme Court in Hartford.

Robinson, a 60-year-old Stamford native who now lives in Stratford, is to be sworn in by Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy. The Governor has known Robinson since the 1980s when Robinson was staff counsel for the City of Stamford and Malloy was on the city finance board.

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A new report finds that New York is more insulated than other states from the effects of automation, thanks in large part to New York City’s hospitality sector, but 12 percent of the state’s workforce could still largely be automated by technology.

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I have always admired and envied the ability to learn languages. The English language is hard enough, with its half million words, weird grammar, and odd pronunciations. Other languages are worse. When we try to master a new language we are thrust all the way back to our inarticulate early childhood, and we feel helpless. I’ve been to many places where I couldn’t understand a word anybody said: Russia, Hungary, Greece, Scotland. It’s humiliating.

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On Monday, prosecutors present the second of two corruption cases against former associates of Governor Cuomo in federal district court in Manhattan. Dr. Alain Kaloyeros, the former head of the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute and mastermind of the state’s high tech development efforts, faces charges of bid rigging and bribery, along with three Upstate developers.