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In response to the Northrop Grumman groundwater contamination plume, the Oyster Bay Town Board has approved the installation of a remediation well in a residential neighborhood.

The plume of toxic chemicals from the former Northrop Grumman plant on Long Island has slowly seeped into the ground over the past 60 years.

Since 1992, Northrop Grumman has built and operated treatment wells as the contamination spread.

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City officials in Hartford, Connecticut, say federal immigration agents dressed as local police tried to lure an undocumented person to a city building so they could detain her.

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Connecticut U.S. Representative Jim Himes sits on the House Intelligence Committee. He says he’s gratified that FBI Director James Comey has now publicly confirmed that the FBI is investigating alleged ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

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The Bethel AME Church in Setauket was built more than 150 years ago next to land the town designated as a “negro burial ground.” The community around the church and the burial ground dates back to the 1600s when members of the Setalcott Nation intermarried with other tribes and blacks who came to the area or were brought on slave ships.

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Bridgeport, Connecticut, doesn’t call itself a sanctuary city. That sets Connecticut’s largest city apart from others in the Northeast, like New York, Boston or New Haven. It’s also created anxiety for some undocumented Bridgeport residents.