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The state Legislature ends its session for the year on June 16, and expectations are low for any major pieces of legislation to be resolved before the adjournment, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration faces increasing scrutiny from the U.S. attorney over economic development projects.

Tonight we'll head deep into the woods with a suite for cello and orchestra, "In the Forest," by David Popper, and the concert étude, "Forest Mist" by Franz Liszt.  

Brahms wrote an elaborate set of variations for orchestra on a theme he thought was by Haydn.  Turns out, Haydn borrowed it, too! This morning we'll enjoy the Saint Anthony Chorale by both Haydn and Brahms.  

Boston Public Library

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says work is underway on the $36 million restoration of the facilities at Jones Beach.

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The passage of a tough Connecticut budget that calls for cuts to social spending and the layoff of state workers has caused some Democratic lawmakers to not seek re-election to their seats in the General Assembly.

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Two Yale educators who sent an email last fall defending racist Halloween costumes as free speech have resigned from their administrative posts. 

TSA: Help Keep Security Lines Moving By Being Prepared

May 26, 2016
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The Transportation Security Administration says travelers can help keep the line at the airports moving by being prepared as they approach the security checkpoint.

State of Connecticut Judicial Branch

The Connecticut Supreme Court has upheld its landmark ruling declaring the state's death penalty unconstitutional and abolishing capital punishment.

The 12th Century monks who wrote the poems of the Carmina Burana thought about the same things we think about: the fickleness of Fortune, trials of romance, and relaxing in taverns.  We'll enjoy Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana" tonight.  

That Game Company

In February, Fifth House Ensemble wrapped up their incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign to create a concert version of Austin Wintory's music for Journey, accompanying live players on stage. Now, with several concerts under their belts and an upcoming performance in Brooklyn in July, I checked in with Melissa and Eric Snoza of Fifth House to find out how the performances have gone so far.