Tchaikovsky chose some of his favorite pieces by Mozart and put his own spin on them for the suite, "Mozartiana."  We'll enjoy it today.  

The Refinery

There are now more women entrepreneurs than ever before, but not many are able to grow their business. The Refinery, a business accelerator in Connecticut that focuses on women-led start-ups, wants to change that with a splashy competition. Next week it will pair venture capitalists around the country with female entrepreneurs for a shared Uber ride.

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With less than three weeks before elections, Hillary Clinton is even further ahead of Donald Trump in New York State, and that could affect down ballot races, including seats for the state Senate.  

Aaron Copland takes us on a little trip to Hawaii tonight with his "Ukelele Serenade."  

Office of State Rep. Joe Aresimowicz / Facebook

Democratic Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz of Berlin is set to be the next speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives. This comes after a meeting of House members in Hartford on Tuesday.  

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Pipeline companies are not having a lot of success in New York so far in 2016. Opponents say they are dirty and continue New York’s over-reliance on fossil fuels; two projects have already been cancelled. A pipeline company representative says the projects are not as harmful as opponents say, and they’re essential for the state’s current electric needs.

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According to an e-mail obtained and released by WikiLeaks, U.S. Senator Chris Murphy, D-Conn., was one of 39 possible candidates considered as Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

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According to recent filings with the Federal Elections Commission, Republicans running for federal office in Connecticut have raised and spent far less money than the Democratic incumbents they are hoping to unseat.

Today we'll enjoy a couple of pieces that capture autumn in music: Randall Thompson's setting of Robert Frost's beloved poem, "The Road Not Taken," and "Autumn in Our Town," from Dave Brubeck's "Four New England Pieces."  

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At first impression Maria Vullo is guarded, and a bit camera shy. But when she talks about her legal work, going back decades, you can feel her conviction.

“When I went after a domestic terrorist in the Planned Parenthood case, no one would say I wasn’t tough.”