Bill Buchner

WSHU-All Things Considered host

Bill began his radio journey on Long Island, followed by stops in Schenectady, Bridgeport, Boston and New York City. He’s been a music host, news anchor and traffic reporter. Bill is glad to be back on the air in Fairfield County, where he has lived with his wife and two sons for more than 20 years.

Patricia Bosworth knows how to tell a story. Bosworth is a writer and an actress. She was featured in the film A Nun’s Story with Audrey Hepburn. She’s also written biographies of photographer Diane Arbus and actors Montgomery Clift, Jane Fonda and Marlon Brando.   

But she waited decades to tell the story of the men in her life. Those men are her brother, Bart Jr., and her father, lawyer Bartley Crum. Crum was famous for defending the Hollywood 10 during the McCarthy era.    

In her new memoir, The Men in Her Life, Bosworth writes about her relationship with them and how the loss of these family members shaped her life. Bosworth recently spoke with All Things Considered Host Bill Buchner about the book. Below is a transcript of their conversation.  

Michael Cummo / Hearst Connecticut Media

An interracial couple in Stamford, Connecticut, woke up one morning earlier this year to find racist graffiti painted on their garage. Incidents like this have become more common in recent months, but this couple's response was unique.

Alan Diaz / AP

Connecticut’s chief medical examiner is asking state lawmakers to find the funding for two additional staff members to help catch up with the backlog of cases his office is facing.

Jessica Hill / AP

State Representative Edwin Vargas, a Hartford Democrat, has filed a bill that would make Connecticut a “sanctuary state.”

Connecticut Man Brings 'Buy One, Give One' Model To College Prep

Jan 20, 2017
Courtesy of Yearsley Winkler

Companies that make everything from shoes to baby food have adopted the “buy one, give one” model. Most notable is TOMS shoes, which gives away one pair of shoes to people in need for each pair it sells. Yearsley Winkler has adopted that model to tutoring. For every hour he tutors a high schooler in suburban Connecticut, he donates an hour of tutoring to the Fairchild Wheeler School in Bridgeport.