• Capitol Bureau Chief, New York State Public Radio

    Karen has covered state government and politics for New York State Public Radio, a network of 10 New York and Connecticut stations, since 1990.  She is also a regular contributor to the statewide public television program about New York State...

  • Music Director, Classical music program host

  • Classical music program host

    Lauren Rico considers herself very lucky.  After all, how many people get paid to listen to beautiful music all day and talk about it?! For more than twenty years she has demystified classical music for her audiences by taking it off a dusty...

  • Director of Corporate Sponsorship
  • WSHU Chief Engineer, author of Vintage Radio series

    Paul caught the radio bug as a child. By age 12, he had taught himself the basics of vacuum tube theory.  He began repairing old, discarded radio sets, the kind that we now call vintage sets.  He loved listening, too, to local programs, DJs who...