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Matt Sayles / AP via Invision for UCLA Anderson School of Management

Despite calls for more diversity, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has picked its new president, another white male.

The Federal Reserve system has long enshrined its independence in order to separate economic stability from the ebbs and flows of politics. And John Williams has had a distinguished career as an economist and earned a recommendation from former Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen.

But his selection pits the Fed’s independence against objections that the central bank is dominated by white men.

Jenny Kane / AP

Spotify, the popular music streaming service starts, trading on the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday morning. The company opted to forego the traditional IPO and instead list and trade its shares without the help of an investment bank. Many in both the tech and music industries are watching the stock closely.

Elise Amendola / AP

Connecticut and New York have joined 35 other states to investigate Facebook’s use of personal data. This comes as the Federal Trade Commission also confirms it is investigating the company.

NotLessOrEqual / Wikimedia Commons

The oldest firearms maker in the U.S. has filed for bankruptcy. Remington Arms dates back to 1816 with ammunition and gunsmith plants in Connecticut and New York.

Gene J. Puskar / Bill Sikes / AP

Two Connecticut-based health insurance companies are rushing into the pharmacy business. Hartford-based Aetna said in December it would merge with CVS, and Bloomfield-based Cigna said this month that it would buy Express Scripts. A recent SEC filing signals a haste to reform how and where people buy not just medicine, but healthcare in general.