Charles Lane

Senior reporter for Long Island

Charles is a radio reporter, story teller, Excel ninja, database grasshopper and loves to FOIL records. He's worked for NPR, Deutche Welle, Radio Netherlands, Soundprint, Penthouse, the Religion News Service and the Catholic World Report. He's won three SPJ Public Service Awards, a National Murrow and was a finalist for the Livingston Award for Young Journalists. He once did 8Gs in a stunt plane, caught a 10-foot wave (briefly) and dove 40 meters on a single breath. Charles is extraordinarily friendly so don't hesitate to contact.

Louis Lanzano / AP

New York's Attorney General's office finally got its chance to put former AIG head Hank Greenberg on the witness stand on Tuesday. For 11 years his defense team fought accusations of fraud with multiple rounds of motions, appeals and depositions. Now that Greenberg is 91, prosecutors have to be careful not to be seen as bullying an old man.

Louis Lanzano / AP

The long awaited trial for Hank Greenberg started Tuesday. Greenberg is the former head of the insurance giant AIG. New York’s Attorney General is trying to show that Greenberg oversaw two transactions that duped shareholders of half a billion dollars, but what’s mostly at stake is the reputation of a Wall Street luminary.

Tom Copeland / AP

Tropical Storm Hermine is hovering some 200 miles off the mid-Atlantic, but the storm's size is causing significant disruptions to vacation plans on this last day of summer.

Jennifer Peltz / AP

The U.S. Coast Guard has called off the search for two men swept away by a wave in Long Island Sound.

David Karp / AP

After 10 years of hiding and running from the government, Long Island businessman Jacob Alexander pled guilty to securities fraud in federal court this week. The case has spawned a new type of fear of financial crimes.