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Thomas Kienzle / AP

The head of the Suffolk County Conservative Party has been convicted of fraud. A federal jury in Islip found Ed Walsh guilty of stealing more than $200,000 in taxpayer funds by lying on his timesheet as a corrections officer for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office.

Charles Lane / WSHU

Federal prosecutors have revealed more about their investigation into corruption in Suffolk County. And its focus appears to be District Attorney Tom Spota.

WSHU’s Charles Lane tells our newscast unit that Spota was named repeatedly in court filings.

Charles Lane / WSHU

Eight years ago, Latinos complained that Suffolk County police were ignoring them. They complained about beatings and thefts. They complained that police did nothing and even discouraged them from filing reports.

After the hate-motivated killing of an Ecuadorian immigrant, the U.S. Justice Department investigated. To settle that investigation, Suffolk agreed to reforms and federal monitoring.

The Suffolk County Police Department in New York, one of the largest and highest paid in the country, has been under federal scrutiny for years, and it got worse recently when its chief was arrested.

The Justice Department, under U.S. Attorney Robert Capers, arrested James Burke in December after he allegedly barged into the interrogation of a suspect, Christopher Loeb, in 2012. Burke "is to have alleged to have repeatedly slapped and punched Loeb about the face, head and body while Loeb was in custody and handcuffed," Capers said at a press conference after the arrest.


There are blizzard warnings for coastal Connecticut and Long Island as a winter storm hits the region.

By Saturday evening, snow was falling at a rate of 3 inches per hour on Long Island. Officials are expecting 24-30 inches of snow. With 40 mph winds, that could lead to dangerous storm surge.

"Personally, I'm more worried about the flooding then the snow. Flooding can do tremendous, tremendous damage,", said Governor Andrew Cuomo, "As we've learned the hard way."