Kate Remington

Music Director, Classical music program host

Born in Madison, Wisconsin, Kate Remington received a degree in piano performance and mass communication from the University of Wisconsin. Her first radio position was with Wisconsin Public Radio, which included a wildly successful request program on Saturday mornings. She then moved to Chicago to join the fledgling nationally-distributed, Beethoven Satellite Network, originating from WFMT. Then Kate set out for Vermont Public Radio, to become the chief announcer there. In Vermont Kate met her husband, Dick Roberts, and that's where their son, Sam was born.  Kate and her family relocated to Fairfield to join WSHU in December of 2000, and she's been WSHU's Music Director since 2002.

When she's not on the air, Kate can usually be found at a stable in Monroe, CT, where she trains her horse, Tonka, in dressage.


Bach sent his "Musical Offering" to Frederick the Great as a sort of resume, hoping for a court appointment which was never offered.  Tonight we'll enjoy an orchestral arrangement of some of the pieces from the 'Musical Offering."

Tonight Michael Torke shares his impression of Purple, and we'll enjoy the Color Symphony by Sir Arthur Bliss.

On his first trip to Italy, Richard Strauss visited all the top tourist destinations, including Florence and the Isle of Capri.  He sends us a postcard with his suite, "In Italy," tonight.

Listening to Jean Francaix's music is so enjoyable, it's like taking time out in a Parisian cafe. We'll relax with his little Piano Concerto this morning.

Alan Hovhaness' Concerto No. 7 for Orchestra gives everyone a demanding part to play. We'll enjoy it tonight.