Tom Kuser

Program Director, WSHU Morning Edition host

Tom has been with WSHU since 1987, after spending 15 years at college and commercial radio and television stations. After a short stint as classical music announcer, he was given the task of rebuilding and expanding the news department. Under his direction, the news staff began a tradition of award-winning coverage. Tom has won several Associated Press awards for his own feature reporting, too. He became Program Director in 1999, and has been local host of NPR’s Morning Edition since 2000.

University of Massachusetts Amherst archivist and author Robert Cox has written a new book called: New England Pie: History Under A Crust. WSHU’s Tom Kuser spoke with Cox earlier to find out why he decided to explore the history of New England one pie at a time.

Interview Excerpts:

What prompted you to write a history of New England, one pie at a time?

Will Ganim BGreen?

Dec 18, 2015

Now that Bridgeport has a new mayor, the city’s efforts to transform itself into an environmental showpiece may be in jeopardy.

BGreen 2020 was an energy and environmental sustainability policy championed by former Mayor Bill Finch. It was introduced in 2010 and many of its projects have already been implemented.

But Finch lost the primary in the fall to Joe Ganim, and environmental policy wasn’t a major focus of Ganim’s campaign.

Davis Dunavin / WSHU

Former Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim wants his old job back - the same job that landed him in federal prison for seven years. Ganim was mayor of Bridgeport for about 12 years before he was convicted on federal corruption charges, including racketeering and extortion.

(AP Photo/Gbenga Olamikan)

In recent months there's been an uptick in suicide attacks by the extremist group Boko Haram in Nigeria and its neighbor to the east Chad. One attack that has been attributed to Boko Haram even occurred in the capitol city, Abuja. The Obama Administration has now increased military aid to the region to help fight Boko Haram by sending advisory troops Cameroon, another neighboring country to Nigeria.

Emily Bogle NPR

The way that some American workers are paid has been a front-burner issue recently, with overtime and on-call scheduling both causing some controversy.

In September, the U.S. Department of Labor said it might change the rules about who qualifies for overtime pay. And retailers that give employees unpredictable, on-call work schedules have been served notice in New York and elsewhere that this might be in violation of some laws.