23-Year-Old LI Brownfield To Be Rehabbed By Developer

Apr 25, 2018

On Long Island, Suffolk County has sold the abandoned Hubbard Power and Light plant in Bay Shore. The County had been paying taxes on the property since 1996. 

Vincent Trapani bought the almost two-acre site for $343,000s, which is a little more than what Suffolk County was paying the Town of Islip every year in taxes.

Trapani has no specific plans for the land yet. “Let’s see what the opportunities are, but more than anything: what’s gonna give us the return? And the return I want is jobs.”

County Executive Steve Bellone says the purchase is a win for everyone. “We are standing on a site now that is going to cease to be an environmental hazard, is gonna cease to be a blight on the community, is going to actually be returned to the tax rolls, is gonna have people working here, jobs created on this site and Suffolk County taxpayers no longer on the hook.”

It will take about four months to remove the contaminated soil. After that, the property, which is zoned for industrial use, will be developed. Trapani is open to anything.

“You tell me a hundred people can stand there cutting cookies? You know what, I’ll be cookie cutting.”

The property was sold with the help of the Suffolk County Landbank, a nonprofit entity that helps to clean up and develop tax-delinquent, brownfield plots.