Artists reach across Long Island Sound to exhibit work

Nov 11, 2013


Artists in Connecticut and Long Island are bridging the Sound with an exchange of art exhibits between Bridgeport and Port Jefferson. In a collaboration between the Bridgeport Arts and Cultural Council and the Greater Port Jefferson-Northern Brookhaven Arts Council, exhibits opened last week in both cities.

Read’s Art Building in Downtown Bridgeport is showing the work of Port Jefferson artists and at the Port Jefferson Village Center is featuring Bridgeport artists.

John Diaz is the visual arts director for the Greater Port Jefferson Arts Council.

“When we told our artists that there was an opportunity to show their work in Connecticut, they came to us with real enthusiasm," says Diaz. "They were really excited about a new venue to show their art that wasn’t New York City.”

The two communities are connected by the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry. Diaz says they’re hoping the new collaboration isn’t just a one-time thing. “We’re kind of looking at this as maybe the first step in joining two communities that are so close together, and using art as a means to accomplish that.”

The exhibits on both sides of the Sound will be on display until November 23.