Blumenthal Calls For Reversal Of Deportation Policies

Aug 1, 2017

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., wants the acting head of Homeland Security to end what he calls irrational and cruel deportation policies.

Blumenthal wrote a letter to Acting Secretary Elaine Duke asking her to reverse deportation policies that unfairly target parents and spouses with no criminal records and voluntarily comply with ICE.

In the letter, Blumenthal asked Duke to grant stays to immigrants nationally and in Connecticut who have not committed any crimes and are working, raising families and contributing to their communities.

The Senator brought up the case of Norwalk resident Nury Chavarria, who was granted a stay in her deportation after taking refuge in a New Haven church for a week.

Blumenthal mentioned three other cases that involve the deportation of people without criminal backgrounds in Connecticut. He said that the law as it currently stands will discourage undocumented immigrants from being cooperative with the system.