Connecticut GOP Files Complaint Against Anti-Trump Group

Nov 27, 2017

Credit Connecticut Republican Party

The Connecticut Republican party is challenging the non-partisan status of a grassroots group in Greenwich that was established after Donald Trump was elected president.

Indivisible Greenwich says on its official website that it’s a non-partisan, grassroots group that opposes the Trump administration.

J.R. Romano, Connecticut’s Republican Party chair, says that Indivisible Greenwich has crossed the line by endorsing local candidates. Romano says groups who do that are required by state election law to register as political action committees. That’s why he has filed a complaint with the state Elections Enforcement Commission.

“It’s about understanding the rules. I’m all for civic engagement. I’m all for organizations that operate properly. But the question is, who gave them money?”

Indivisible Greenwich is a federal 501(c)(4). That’s a non-profit designation for social welfare groups. Those non-profits can use up to half of their resources for electioneering. Groups with that tax status do not have to disclose donor information.

Judd Cohen, a member of Indivisible Greenwich, was named in the complaint. Cohen declined to comment.