Connecticut House Fails To Take Up Budget Veto Override

Oct 4, 2017

Connecticut’s budget stalemate continued on Tuesday as the state House of Representatives failed to vote on an override of Governor Dannel Malloy’s veto of the Republican-backed budget.

Connecticut House Minority Leader Themis Klarides of Derby is blaming Democratic Speaker Joe Aresimowicz for rushing the vote. Klarides says Republicans should have been given a week to garner the support of Democrats needed to get the two-thirds vote for an override.

“These are complicated budgets, we all know that. There’s thousands of lines, there’s very complicated things. So when they understand more of what’s in it, instead of what they hear from their leadership, there is hope. I will continue to have hope.”

Speaker Aresimowicz says parliamentary procedure does not allow a redo of a veto override session.

“The only way it gets on the board is if there is a motion to reconsider and they just missed it.”

The legislative leaders of both parties resumed budget negotiations with Governor Malloy shortly after the override session ended.