Democrat Martin is Stamford's next mayor

Nov 6, 2013

David Martin after his victory in the Stamford mayoral election

Democrat Stamford mayoral candidate David Martin defeated Republican Michael Fedele to become the city’s next mayor Tuesday night. Unofficial vote results had Martin clinching the victory by about 13-hundred votes. 

By 9 p-m Fedele announced he was conceding after Martin took 11 of the 20 precincts. Democrats say Martin’s win was a result of grassroots support. They say Martin was able to tap into a feeling that city government had become less than transparent over the last four years. Martin acknowledged the work had just begun.

"Let’s tackle the issues that confront us today with the same determination and resolve that it took to win this campaign and let us turn every challenge into an opportunity and every opportunity into success.," Martin said in his victory speech.

This was Martin’s second run for mayor. He was defeated in 2009 by Republican Michael Pavia. The victory also marks a return of a Democrat to the mayoral office since Dan Malloy left to run for Governor.

Michael Fedele at the Italian Center in Stamford Tuesday night.
Credit Craig LeMoult

Former Lieutenant Governor Michael Fedele was gracious in a brief concession speech. 

“I hope that you all join me in congratulating David on his victory, and I look forward to continuing our lives here in the city of Stamford and with all of you as our friends," he told a crowd of supporters at the Italian Center in Stamford.

Stamford has not elected two different consecutive mayors of the same party since 1949.