East Hampton To Mandate Low-Nitrogen Septic Systems

Aug 10, 2017

East Hampton has become the first town in Suffolk County to require low-nitrogen septic systems in all new buildings. It’s one of two laws passed to help curb nitrogen pollution in the town’s groundwater.

The second law offers up to $16,000 dollars in rebates to property owners who replace their existing septic systems.   

East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell says the towns have about 19,000 outdated septic systems and cesspools.   

“And those waste systems are creating nitrogen in the groundwater, posing a potential contamination of our drinking water supply, which comes from the ground, and also is being carried into our bodies of water throughout the town of East Hampton. And this program, over time, will ensure that those faulty systems are replaced with low nitrogen systems, protecting the environment and the town.”   

Cantwell says people can also take advantage of the $11,000 rebate offered by Suffolk County to replace old septic systems.

The East Hampton laws will go into effect at the start of 2018.