At governor's request, Metro-North provides report

Dec 18, 2013

James Redeker, Connecticut Transportation Commissioner, right, stands by as Governor Dannel Malloy, second from right, speaks about a Metro-North service disruption at a press conference at Grand Central Terminal in this September 26th file photo.
Credit AP Photo/Tina Fineberg

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy says he's received a report from Metro-North on actions its taking to address concerns about its safety practices and infrastructure. The governor had asked for the report earlier this month following train derailments in Connecticut and New York, as well as a power failure and the death of a track foreman in West Haven.

Governor Malloy says Metro-North is making strides towards a goal of becoming a "best in class" railroad. He called on Metro-North to meet its deadline to have the New Haven line back at full service by April. Since the Bridgeport derailment in May, the railroad has imposed “slow orders”, reducing train speeds and adding minutes to virtually every train schedule.