Hartford Lawmakers: More Aid Needed For Displaced Puerto Ricans

Jan 10, 2018

Hartford officials say will form a task force to address the growing challenge of caring for displaced families from Puerto Rico.  

Speaking at a press conference this morning, Representative Minnie Gonzalez, D-Hartford, says some families who had initially received help from FEMA have had their cases suddenly closed. That means they will have to leave their temporary housing by this weekend.  

“FEMA convinced families to come here. And they paid their way here. And now they are here, they closed their cases. That’s not acceptable. And that’s why this task force…because we want to know what’s going on.”

City Councilwoman Wildaliz Bermudez says the task force will connect services and government officials throughout the state so that people don’t get lost in the bureaucracy.

“The working task force is an excellent idea. We certainly needed it right from the get-go, and we welcome that opportunity because there are many different groups that are doing so much behind the scenes and there has to be a more coordinated effort. Without a doubt.”

According to state officials, about 3,000 people have relocated to Connecticut since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in September. 1,300 have settled in Hartford alone.