ICE Decides Again Not To Deport Meriden Mother—Again

Mar 1, 2018

The mother of a teenage U.S. citizen from Meriden, Connecticut, was scheduled to be deported to her native Ecuador on Wednesday. Then on Wednesday night, immigration officials said she did not have to leave.

That’s the second time within the span of a month that officials at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, told Nelly Cumbicos she could stay.

The department first issued her a stay on February 5 after her lawyer filed a motion with a federal court of appeals in New York. ICE reconsidered that stay four days later and said she had to leave for Ecuador by the end of February.

A spokesman for ICE says in email that Cumbicos “remains enrolled in the agency's Alternatives to Detention program and her immigration case is ongoing.”

That means Cumbicos can stay with her family...for now.

Her lawyer says that if Cumbicos leaves the country, she loses her chance to argue her case in court.