KKK Fliers Placed On Cars Overnight On LI

Nov 17, 2016

Police on Long Island have launched an investigation after Ku Klux Klan fliers were found on cars in Patchogue early Thursday morning.

The fliers, found at 2 a.m. on parked cars off of a main road, had a picture of a white-robed Klan member and read, “Our race is our nation.” Suffolk Police Commissioner Timothy Sini says that while these fliers are protected under the First Amendment, his department will still investigate the incident. 

“We need to live in a civilized society. And I don’t think it benefits anyone to utilize speech or tactics to make people feel unsafe or threatened. So my message as police commissioner is that I hope we can all agree to disagree.”

KKK flyers have been found in Suffolk County multiple times in recent years, with some found in East Patchogue this past August.