LI Philanthropist Gives $100 Million To Expand Anti-Bullying Program

Jun 7, 2018

A billionaire philanthropist has donated $100 million to expand an anti-bullying program for grade school students. It is already being taught in 22 of Long Island’s 127 school districts.

The Sanford Harmony program teaches children from pre-K to sixth grade skills to embrace diversity and resolve conflict. The lessons and exercises were developed by the National University System and administered locally in partnership with Long Island University.

LIU President Dr. Kimberley Cline said, “It truly is revolutionizing how children learn and develop, and it’s rapidly being accepted as a program that mold positive student behavior.”

Philanthropist T. Denny Sanford is pleased with the results.

“Much less commotion in the classroom, and significant better understanding between the children themselves. So it’s working.”

The $100 million gift will allow up to 30 million students nationally and around the world to participate in the program.