Long Island Test Drives Trolleys In Effort To Curb Traffic

Jul 13, 2017

The Town of Southold wants to go “back to the future” and see if a trolley will ease North Fork traffic.

Suffolk transportation officials and local business owners climbed aboard the trolley for a trial run in Peconic along Route 25 this week. If a full-scale trial is successful in September, two additional lines will also run, one in Mattituck and the other in Greenport.

Southold’s Liaison Officer Denis Noncarrow says an app may be developed to help combat long wait times.

“We’re also trying to set it up to where we could have an app that a lot of locations around the country are using that actually tells where the trolley is and the approximate time it gets to your location.”

The three lines would be offered on weekends and services could start next June.