Malloy administration pushes back on GOP criticism of its prisoner release program

Aug 14, 2014

Connecticut Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy’s administration is pushing back on Republican criticism that its prisoner early release program is making the state unsafe. GOP candidates campaigning for governor had accused Democratic incumbent Malloy of letting violent felons out to "roam our streets" under the Risk Reduction Earned Credits program for inmates. Malloy’s criminal justice advisor Mike Lawlor said this is not the case.

“The reason the prison population is down five percent since governor Malloy took office is because there’s a lot fewer people coming in to prison. And the number of people released has reduced very significantly,” he said.

Under the program violent inmates are actually serving longer prison terms than they were in prior years, he said.

A report released by Lawlor on  Wednesday shows that Connecticut’s largest cities of Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport have seen a significant drop in murders and other violent crimes since Malloy took office.

The report indicates there were 81 murders in Connecticut’s largest cities of Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport in 2011. That number dropped to 56 last year, a 32 percent reduction.  So far this year, there’s been a 16 percent drop compared to the same time last year.