Malloy: Gas Tax And Tolls Needed For Road Projects, Passenger Safety

Feb 1, 2018

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy has a plan to restore money to the state’s Special Transportation Fund. Malloy says otherwise, it would run out of cash in five years.

The state had to cancel crucial road work earlier this year. Malloy says his plan would restore those projects.

“With each day that passes, Connecticut falls further and further behind on critical projects that have been put on hold, moving our transportation further from a state of good repair. The time is now. We must take decisive action quickly.”

Malloy says the plan includes tolls on state highways by 2023. It would gradually raise the gas tax by 7 cents, and put a $3 fee on every new tire purchase. He says this would prevent spikes in rail and bus fares.

The governor says that his plan is about more than raising money.

“It’s about making sure commuters can get to work, not just sit in traffic jams. And most importantly, it’s about keeping travelers safe and making sure lives aren’t at risk because of a deficient structural element.”

Malloy will formally present his budget plan to the General Assembly next week. He asks lawmakers to act soon before projects fall behind.