Malloy Vetoes 'Unacceptable' Republican Budget

Sep 28, 2017

Connecticut is the only state in the nation without a budget. On Thursday Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy vetoed a GOP budget that passed the state legislature a couple of weeks ago.

Malloy says he’s prepared to make compromises, but the GOP budget is unacceptable because it raises taxes, defunds pensions and takes money away from the state university system.

“There are things in the Republican budget that I could absolutely support. Some of the assistance for local government for instance. On the other hand violating tax laws I can’t agree with. Violating labor laws I can’t agree with. Knee capping UConn I can’t agree with.”

Connecticut’s Senate is split 18-18 between Democrats and Republicans, while Democrats hold a slim majority in the state House. In a stunning move, Republicans were able to pass their budget by peeling away the votes of a handful of Democrats in both chambers. Malloy immediately promised to veto the bill.

With a veto override unlikely, and no budget in place, Connecticut spending remains in the hands of Malloy who has threatened drastic cuts beginning Sunday, October 1.