Murphy: Infrastructure Now ‘Tall Order’ Thanks To GOP Tax Cuts

Jan 8, 2018

Infrastructure development is one of the items on the GOP’s congressional agenda this year. But Democratic U.S. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut says it’s going to be difficult to find the money to fund it.

Murphy says reaching a bipartisan agreement on infrastructure development is a tall order because the GOP gave too much federal revenue away in tax cuts for the wealthy.

“We shot ourselves in the foot with this tax bill because we need more money and now we have less money.”

Murphy says that’s going to make it a difficult discussion between Democrats and Republicans.

“Ultimately we are all going to have sit down have a real conversation about infrastructure finance and nobody is going to be happy with it because it’s going to involve higher gas taxes, tax increment financing, lots of stuff that makes everyone uncomfortable.”

Republican congressional leaders say infrastructure development is still on their agenda following their retreat with President Donald Trump in Camp David over the weekend.

Murphy was speaking to a group of local realtors in Fairfield just before the GOP retreat. The Democrat is holding forums with Connecticut residents to hear how they are being affected by the recently passed Republican tax overhaul.