Music Respawn! Stephen Baysted Revs Into High Gear For Project Cars 2!

Oct 17, 2017

Project Cars 2 screenshot

There's no music as you're racing your 1974 E-Type Jag around legendary tracks like Spa. Instead, composer and sound designer for Project Cars 2, Stephen Baysted says his music is created to set the scene and get the player anticipating the racing action that's about to start. That included some very personal recollections about the mental game of racing from Ben Collins, the Stig on the BBC's original Top Gear series!

As a self-described "petrolhead," Stephen says working on the Project Cars series has been a golden opportunity to combine his love of motorsport and music.

Stephen's soundtrack captures the thrill and passion of racing with actual sound from the pit wall and vintage Tannoy track announcements, along with the visceral roar of cars racing by!

Stephen in his studio
Credit Benjamin Ealovega / courtesy of Top Dollar PR

Episode Tracklist

All tracks by Stephen Baysted, performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra and Susan Legg, mezzo soprano.

Project Cars 2: Guts and Glory; Driven (feat. Michael Michelmore) Spa; Eau Rouge; Race to Win; The Green Hell; Pressure

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Thanks to Greg O'Connor-Read, Top Dollar PR