Nassau May Be Next For Plastic Bag Fees

May 9, 2018

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran has come out in support of a bill that charges residents for the plastic bags they use while shopping.

Under a proposal by Democrats in the Nassau legislature, shoppers would be charged five cents per plastic bag at the checkout counter.

Suffolk County, Long Beach, and the Village of Sea Cliff already have similar laws on the books.

Thin bags to wrap meat and produce, garment bags, and bags used for prescriptions would be exempt. There would also be exemptions for some residents on government assistance.

Curran says the bill would reduce the amount of plastic that winds up in landfills and in the ocean.

Republicans in the legislature say the fee would be an undue burden on middle class taxpayers. They also want to see if a statewide ban proposed by Governor Cuomo will pass. A spokesperson for the Republican-controlled State Senate says they do not support the bill.