New London City Council Slashes $4.2 Million From School Budget

Oct 18, 2017

The city council in New London, Connecticut, has cut its school budget by $4.2 million in response to uncertainty over state funding.

State lawmakers have not been able to agree on a budget three months into its fiscal year.

New London City Council President Pro Tempore Don Venditto says there’s no way they can properly fund their full budget without knowing what they’ll get from the state.

“When you know what you are dealing with, when you know what your revenue is from the state, it may not be everything that you want, but you have a concrete number to work with. Not knowing what that is complicates it beyond anything I’ve ever had to experience and hope to never have to experience again.”

Venditto says the cuts are in anticipation of a worst case scenario in state funding, adding, “It’s not fair to the entire state, and it’s not fair in my city. It’s just not fair to the taxpayers to have this giant unknown hanging over their head and they look to us, their local representatives, for answers. And for us to have to continually sit there in front of them and say we just don’t know because we don’t know what we’re getting from the doesn’t breed confidence in your local constituency.”

Some city councilors say the money could be restored once a state budget is finally passed.