New York To Take Lead On 15-State DACA Lawsuit

Sep 7, 2017

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will lead a federal lawsuit to stop President Trump’s plan to rescind the DACA program for young immigrants.

Schneiderman says the President’s action violates the Equal Protection clause of the Constitution, because the “DREAMers” the President is going after are mostly Mexican and Latino, and that Trump  has shown a pattern of personal bias against them.

“The decision by the Trump administration yesterday to make an effort to rescind the ‘Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals’ or DACA, program is cruel, short-sighted, inhumane, and potentially devastating.”

Fifteen states, including Connecticut, plus the District of Columbia, are part of the suit that was filed in the Eastern District of New York.

Schneiderman says the DREAMers are the American Dream.

“By definition DREAMers play by the rules. DREAMers work hard. DREAMers pay taxes. For most, America is the only home they have ever known. They deserve to stay here.”