Poll: Connecticut Residents Worry About Taxes, Energy Costs

Feb 6, 2018

A Sacred Heart University poll finds Connecticut residents are concerned about high taxes and quality of life. Nearly a third say their quality of life is decreasing. And three-quarters say they’re worried about high energy costs.

And Lesley DeNardis, executive director of Sacred Heart University’s Institute for Public Policy, they found that only about 20 percent of Connecticut residents were satisfied with last year’s state budget agreement. “If they were looking for resolution to the state fiscal crisis in terms of the bipartisan budget, the passage of that budget did little to alleviate their concerns.”

DeNardis says there is good news though. Only about a third of wealthy residents say they want to leave the state. That’s down from nearly half in October.

This is the second quality of life survey Sacred Heart University has conducted. The first was in October. DeNardis says she plans to conduct the survey quarterly.