Quinnipiac Family Medicine Chair Has Sharp Words For GOP Health Bill

Jul 14, 2017

A Connecticut family care physician is criticizing the U.S. Senate Republican’s revised health care reform bill.

Dr. Howard Selinger, chair of family medicine at Quinnipiac University’s School of Medicine, has practiced family and internal medicine in Bristol, Connecticut, for the past 34 years.

Selinger says he’s particularly disturbed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s proposal to allow insurance companies to sell stripped-down health care plans for lower premiums.

“So you are going to have cheap plans for healthy people and you are going to have highly expensive plans, essentially high risk plans, for people with pre-existing conditions. It will be so expensive that I don’t think any subsidies would be enough.”

Selinger would like Republican and Democratic senators to consider a so-called “Medicaid for all” single payer system endorsed by Wall Street investor Warren Buffet and Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

“To pull us away from what is strictly a for-profit business, let’s call a spade a spade, into something that really seeks to preserve health for all.”

Selinger says studies have shown that adopting such a system would reduce administrative costs from 18 percent to 2 percent.