Report: Major Flaws Found In Connecticut's Post-Election Audits

Feb 14, 2018

A report by the Connecticut Citizen Election Audit finds the state’s system for auditing elections still has flaws.  

Luther Weeks, with the non-partisan volunteer group, observe the audits in progress.  

Weeks says they found a major problem with the audit of the November 2017 elections. It had to do with a report that every district in the state is required to submit to the secretary of the state.   

“41 percent of the time that form was either missing [or] incorrectly filled out. Data missing out on that report, that sorts of invalidate the whole purpose of the audit, because the report is insufficient to tell what happened.”

Weeks also says there were weaknesses in ballot security.   

But he says there are positive developments. The Office of the Secretary of the State and the UConn Voter Center want feedback on how to improve the audits. Weeks says his group is preparing a report to share its recommendations with the State and the University.