Report: Modernizing Transit and Lowering Housing Costs Key To Region’s Future

Nov 30, 2017

The Regional Plan Association (RPA) of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut has released its latest report on how to improve infrastructure throughout the tri-state area.  

For Connecticut, the report calls for major upgrades to Metro-North’s New Haven line to reduce travel time between regional hubs. It also calls for more affordable housing and for the state to take on a larger share of local school budgets in order to bring down property taxes and alleviate income inequality.

Governor Dannel Malloy addressed the RPA’s plan for Connecticut at an event Thursday at the New School in Manhattan.  

“I think we do have these real problems. I think the cost of housing...a 40-year lack of investment in the state of Connecticut in transportation is now really taxing us. We are less attractive than we could and should be. And that’s why I’ve spent a fair amount of time over the last four years trying to get to a vision of what transportation could and would do for Connecticut.”

For Long Island, the RPA proposed the expansion and modernization of the Long Island Rail Road, regional instead of local planning, and construction of multi-unit housing near LIRR stations. It also proposed electronic tolls for the Island's highways, and charging drivers "by the mile.”

This is the RPA’s fourth regional plan since 1929.