Research Group: Plans For Long Island ‘Hub’ Are Outdated

Aug 15, 2017

Findings by the research group Long Island Index say the plan to transform the area near Nassau Coliseum into a strong economic hub are outdated and lack adequate housing.

Besides the renovated Coliseum and entertainment center, the Hub, as proposed, would create office space for healthcare and technology industries.

Ann Golob, director for Long Island Index, says there isn’t enough room for multi-family housing.

”Long Island used to be known for having really affordable housing. It was really a great destination for young people, who wanted to begin their careers out here. But now with the cost of housing having gone through the roof, it becomes so much more difficult to be able to start your family out here.”

Other innovation districts around the country rely heavily on affordable housing to attract young people and entrepreneurs. The Hub’s current plans don’t include housing.

The report says the new district could add 14,000 new jobs and $3.4 billion to the Long Island economy.