Should Gun Owners Have To Show A Permit If Police Ask?

Mar 15, 2017

In Connecticut, a new gun bill would require people who openly carry a pistol or revolver to show their gun permit to police upon request. The proposal received mixed reviews during a hearing before the legislature's Judiciary Committee today.

Ron Pinciaro, executive director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence, said the legislation is needed and showing a permit could help calm fears.

“Situations have come up, and they’re becoming more frequent, where persons are walking, usually into stores, carrying guns on their hip and people get scared. People get intimidated by that,” Pinciaro said.

William Curlew of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League was among those against the proposal. He said the bill would cause gun carriers to be harassed by police.

“I see this more as an opportunity to harass people that are trying to execute not only their Second Amendment rights but their First Amendment rights by open carrying,” Curlew said.

Chief State's Attorney Kevin Kane supports the bill, which would not prevent anyone from carrying a gun.