Streaming Update

Apr 27, 2017

If you regularly stream WSHU, you may have noticed that the service looks a little different.

We've upgraded to a new player, which offers a number of benefits to listeners:

It enables you to stream programs within the WSHU website, so no new windows will pop up.

The new player will show you exactly what's playing, whether a piece of classical music, an NPR news show, or any other program we air.

At the same time, you can see what programs are playing concurrently on the other WSHU streams. You can switch streams at any time, all while staying on the homepage.

Finally, we've simplified the stream selection to three choices:

  • News and Talk: Morning Edition, All Things Considered and other NPR programs like Fresh Air and The Takeaway
  • All Classical: Kate Remington in the morning, Lauren Rico in the afternoon, and Classical 24 programming overnight and on weekends
  • News and Music: A combination of programming, including the NPR newsmagazines and classical music during weekdays, and on the weekends entertainment like Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me! and Ask Me Another as well as music programs like Sunday Baroque and Echoes

We hope you enjoy our new and improved streaming service!