Study: Housing In Fairfield And Suffolk Getting More Affordable

Dec 26, 2016


Homes in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Suffolk County, Long Island, are getting more affordable. That’s according to the data mining company ATTOM, which compared home affordability rates of hundreds of counties across the country.


A report they released last week says that home affordability across the U.S. has dropped to an eight-year low and in many counties, residents are struggling to pay for their homes as their mortgage outpaces their wages.


Out of 447 counties ATTOM analyzed, Fairfield County and Suffolk County were near the top of the list for least affordable housing last year.


But this year, they join 81 other counties, including New York’s Bronx County and the Washington, D.C., metro area, whose real estate markets have gotten more affordable.


The most unaffordable homes in the U.S. are in Brooklyn, Santa Cruz and San Francisco.