UConn Will Issue New Guidelines For Bringing In Guest Speakers

Dec 5, 2017

University of Connecticut’s President Susan Herbst sent an email to the university community on Monday saying that the university will start new guidelines for having speakers on campus. In the future, the school will vet guests and the people accompanying them before they’re allowed to speak on campus.

Last Tuesday, UConn’s College Republicans invited Lucian Wintrich to speak on campus. Wintrich’s speech was titled “It’s OK to be White.” He was met with protests and was arrested after he grabbed an audience member who took his papers from his lectern.

Herbst says that although Wintrich had no criminal history, the university did not know that a man who traveled with him was known for attending neo-Nazi events and had a criminal history.

Herbst says starting in the spring, there will have to be a review process that includes a meeting with organizers, UConn police, and other relevant university officials. Security planning for events will also be required, including a response plan for any disruptions.