Ask Me Another

  • Hosted by Ophira Eisenberg

NPR's exciting new show featuring puzzles, word games and trivia played in front of a live audience. Ask Me Another is a co-production of NPR and WNYC. 

You can join in on the fun on Saturdays at noon on 91.1 WSHU, 89.9 WSUF, 103.3 WQQQ, 1260 WSHU and 1340 WYBC.


Jan 5, 2018

First, you've heard of dinner and a movie, but what about dinner in a movie? Then, a James Bond themed parody game about other people named James.

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Quiz-mas Spirits

Dec 22, 2017

In this last-ditch effort to soften the soul of Puzzle Guru Ebenezer Scrooge, every answer contains the name of a cocktail, spirit, or other alcoholic beverage.

Heard On Anthony Ramos: A Quiz-mas Carol

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Mystery Ghost

Dec 22, 2017

The bell tolls thrice! Will a visit from a Mystery Guest— or should we say, a Mystery Ghost of Quiz-mas Yet To Come— melt the heart of Puzzle Guru Ebenezer Scrooge? Jonathan Coulton and Scrooge ask yes or no questions to guess our Mystery Ghost's secret.

Heard On Anthony Ramos: A Quiz-mas Carol

Future Future

Dec 22, 2017

We peek into the future with a music parody game where songs with sci-fi themes are rewritten to be about TV shows that are— at least partially— set in the future.

Heard On Anthony Ramos: A Quiz-mas Carol

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F-L-A To Win

Dec 15, 2017

Finally, an Ask Me Another quiz made for Flava Flav fans: We crowned our big Orlando winner with a final round in which every answer contains the consecutive letters F-L-A.

Heard on Roxane Gay: The Facts And The Furious: Orlando Drift.