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  • Hosted by Ophira Eisenberg

NPR's exciting new show featuring puzzles, word games and trivia played in front of a live audience. Ask Me Another is a co-production of NPR and WNYC. 

You can join in on the fun on Saturdays at noon on WSHU-Fairfield County Public Radio.

Curtis Sittenfeld: Fifty Shades Of Jane

Jul 23, 2015

Author and St. Louis resident Curtis Sittenfeld is best known for her first novel Prep, which was published when she was only 29. Ten years later, Sittenfeld thinks the novel still holds up. "There's plenty of horrible things I've written before and since, but I stand by Prep. If I hadn't written it, I'd still enjoy reading it," Sittenfeld told host Ophira Eisenberg on the stage of the Pageant in St. Louis.

Forget This Mother Father Game

Jul 9, 2015

Oh, bleep! When R-rated movies go to network TV, some of their saltiest language is dubbed out in favor of less impassioned — and more hilarious --alternatives. Can you identify the famous film by its redubbed iconic line? "Pardon my French, but you're an aardvark!"

Heard in Jim Gaffigan: The Dad Bod Diet

Tasty Sayings

Jul 9, 2015

Everyone loves food, so naturally, many English idioms involve edible delicacies. We've put a literal spin on some of these yummy sayings — what's "a lazy tuber sprouting on the upholstered piece of furniture intended to seat multiple people"?

Heard in Jim Gaffigan: The Dad Bod Diet

According to Jim (Gaffigan)

Jul 9, 2015

In his new TV Land show The Jim Gaffigan Show, Gaffigan plays a version of himself. That is, he plays a stand-up comedian raising five kids in a small two bedroom New York City apartment. But how autobiographical is it actually? "I'm better looking in real life," Gaffigan told Ophira Eisenberg on stage at The Bell House in Brooklyn. Joining him was his wife Jeannie, who is also a writer and executive producer on the show.

"We do have five kids," Jeannie Gaffigan said. "And we do live in Manhattan, and we definitely did the two bedroom apartment [with them]."

Spell My Name

Jul 9, 2015

G-L-O-R-I-A! Gloria! You know that Van Morrison song-- we've improved it by rewriting the lyrics to describe other women, real and fictional, whose first names have six letters and end in "i-a." Warm up your vocal cords and croon along!

Heard in Jim Gaffigan: The Dad Bod Diet