Gas Prices On The Rise In Connecticut

Mar 28, 2018
Rich Pedroncelli / AP

Gas prices in Connecticut are inching up.

The average price of gas in Connecticut this week is $2.71, while the national average is $2.61.

Fran Mayko, a spokesperson for AAA Northeast says the market is starting to change from the winter blend gasoline to the more expensive summer blend, but there are several other reasons as well.

“There’s also higher crude oil prices, inventories are dropping, and because we’re on the cusp of the summer drive season, demand is starting to rise.”

Elise Amendola / AP

A new survey by AAA shows nearly half of Connecticut residents support the return of interstate tolls.

Charles Lane / AP

Red light cameras are designed to catch drivers who run red lights. Studies have shown they make intersections less deadly. So why over the last several years have the number of communities using red light cameras fallen?

Wikipedia user Vishwin60

A new national study finds that cars sitting in the 50 worst traffic bottlenecks in the U.S. burn 35 million gallons of gas and produce 370,000 tons of carbon per year.

The study was released today by AAA.

Of the 50 worst bottlenecks, three of them are in the tri-state state area. They include the Cross Bronx, the Van Wyck, and the Long Island Expressways.

A new report from the American Automobile Association (AAA) finds that hands-free technologies can mentally distract drivers even if their eyes are on the road and their hands are on the wheel.

Fran Mayko is a spokesperson for AAA in Connecticut. Mayko said the report shows that after a driver uses voice-activated systems to make a call, text, or select music, a driver can still be distracted for up to 27 seconds after finishing that task.