Hans Pennink / AP

The head of the state’s Republican Party has filed a formal complaint with the state’s public ethics commission, alleging that Governor Cuomo and his top aide, Joe Percoco, now on trial for bribery, broke the state’s public officers law.

Mark Lennihan / AP

The flu epidemic is hitting the corruption trial of Governor Cuomo’s former top aide, Joe Percoco, with proceedings delayed for a day and a half because a key defense attorney has come down with the virus.

Richard Drew / AP

Testimony at the trial of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s former top aide, Joe Percoco, has highlighted some practices inside the governor’s office that government reform groups say is at the very least questionable, and possibly even illegal.

Mike Groll / AP

The head of Governor Cuomo’s economic development programs says he doesn’t think federal corruption trials now taking place will have any effect on the projects.

Hans Pennink / AP

2018 might finally be the year that Democrats regain control of the State Senate. But they face a number of obstacles, and Republicans aren’t ready to give up any time soon.