Andrew Cuomo

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took a swipe at President Trump’s recent tweet saying that the federal government needs a “good” shutdown.

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President Trump’s plan is so far just a one-page outline, but it’s already raising some red flags for New York’s political leaders.

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State lawmakers and lobby groups say Governor Cuomo was in error when he said that there was no political will to enact reforms in 2017.

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A fiscal watchdog group is questioning New York’s century-old prevailing wage law for construction workers, saying it unnecessarily costs taxpayers billions of dollars a year in added expenses for big road, bridge, and other projects.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to allow movie theaters across the state to serve alcohol.

Cuomo introduced a bill that will allow alcoholic beverages to be sold to legal age customers with tickets for films PG-13 and up.

Nationwide movie theater admission sales have been flat for years. As a way to boost attendance, movie theaters in New York want to serve alcohol.

State law currently permits theaters with licensed restaurants to serve alcoholic beverages. Previous attempts to passing legislation to allow alcohol sales have failed.