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Activists in Bridgeport, Connecticut, are putting pressure on local politicians to make the city a sanctuary city. That’s a city that doesn’t work with federal immigration agents on raids and deportations.

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Immigrant-run businesses across the country closed Thursday in protest of the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

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The city of Bridgeport, Connecticut, is in the middle of a debate about whether it should become a sanctuary city. This comes as federal courts are weighing the Trump administration’s ban on international refugees and puts the city’s Democratic mayor in a tough position as he tries to make the city welcoming, while working with the federal government.

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A family of Syrian refugees arrived in Bridgeport, Connecticut, this week. Farida Al-Faouri and her four children fled Syria after her husband’s death. They put their plans for the U.S. on hold when the Trump administration issued a ban on all refugee travel, then left on short notice when federal courts lifted the ban.

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Mayor Joe Ganim of Bridgeport, Connecticut, will be one of thousands of elected officials from across the country in Washington D.C. Friday to witness the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.