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It was the summer of 1994. Donald Trump, joined by then-Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim, announced with fanfare Trump Park City Plaza.

It was to be among other things an amusement park, retail and residential space and a shipping terminal on the harbor front in the South End of Bridgeport. But the project never materialized.

Davis Dunavin / WSHU

The Center for Family Justice officially opened on Monday in Bridgeport, Conn. It’s the first Family Justice Center model in the state, a specialized facility where victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse can go for a range of services, including free counseling from attorneys and police, all in one location.

The police chief of Connecticut’s largest city is stepping down and taking a pay cut of almost $20,000 a year.  Bridgeport Police Chief Joseph Gaudett resigned on Tuesday. Gaudett’s new job will be as an independent contractor in a newly created consultant position.

Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim was open about wanting to replace Gaudett. Former Mayor Bill Finch promoted Gaudett to chief in 2009, then renewed his contract in December as one of his last acts in office. That contract had kept Gaudett in place while Ganim looked for ways to replace him.

The city of Bridgeport, Connecticut said it will make its financial information available to the public through a new website. The site, scheduled to be launched in the spring, will carry real-time information on the city’s revenue and its expenses.

Davis Dunavin

For thousands of people across the country, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a day of service to their community. About 500 volunteers in Bridgeport, Connecticut spent today doing things like sweeping streets and putting together food packages for low-income residents.

Volunteer Sherise Farill pushed a mop down the narrow halls of Harrison Apartments, a low-income housing unit in Bridgeport. About 20 fellow volunteers cleaned up the halls around her. Most of them are students from the University of Bridgeport, like Katherine Collado.